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  • Ariadne Kamara

    * Purchased player characters on goblin isle of Tolos. * Freed the Heroes of Death on Vesh, after they won the fighting pit tournament. She then sought their aid in dealing with a problem on the mainland: the minotaur dead were rising from their graves. …

  • Cyper Darbo

    * Most respected hippogriff rider in the minotaur nation. * Killed in the Battle of Salm in the Council of Four's meeting chamber when Death Leader revealed his betrayal. * Was loved by [[:ariadne_kamara | Ariadne Kamara]].

  • Kamara Sohna

    * [[:ariadne_kamara | Ariadne's]] father. * Murdered by Death Leader during the Battle of Salm.

  • Samaba Mindy

    * Owns a shop in Minth where his apprentice, [[:momodo_taal | Momodo Taal]], struggles to keep up with his duties. * Left the city to map the minotaur/goliath border six months before the Heroes of Death first arrived in Minth. He is long overdue.

  • Momodo Taal

    * Apprentice of [[:samaba_mindy | Samaba Mindy]]. * Sold his last map to the Heroes of Death when the first arrived in Minth.

  • Ebrima Jawara

    * A minotaur play tells the [[Tragedy of Ebrima Jawara, the | tale of Ebrima Jawara]]: he was a death priest who sold the secrets of his labyrinth to earn the kiss of a beautiful maiden named Ariadne. The maiden revealed herself as Death, and took away …

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