With a population of just over 100,000, Minth is the largest city in all of southern Eethrum. The city is renowned for its sweetwine, the grapes for which are grown along the banks of the Shorter Water. Its ancient defensive wall was raised 275 years ago, after the city’s wise masters heard about a group of small pink creatures from across the sea that made landfall on their great nation’s shores, and to protect it from any raids that came about as a result of the Rising.

The city has multiple districts that surround its ancient keep. The Hornless district is the poorest district and also where non-minotaur visitors are expected to stay. The Meeter district is home to the traders and boatmen of the river, as well as the great Coliseum. The Learner district is home to the Learners’ Tower and middleclass homes. The wealthiest minotaur of Minth live closer to the Heart. The Heart is the street that encircles Minth Keep. Minth also has a significant military district that is near the Death Gate.

The Death Gate is the entrance to the Minth Maze, which is built directly into the mountains that watch over the city’s northern side. It is rumored to be one of the largest and oldest mazes still in use. Despite the fact that it is strictly forbidden for a priest to tell the secrets of his maze to anyone, it is rumored that the Minth Maze is multiple stories deep and riddled with hidden passageways.

The Heroes of Death have first visited the city in order to clear the maze of the undead heart that was defiling the burial ground.



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