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  • Rowen Hallinan

    * Goblin Title: The Longshot. * Arium Confession: Wishes her father had died in place of her mother. * Ariadne's Address: "Rowen, great reaper of souls... I'm so sorry."

  • Zarathuril Ain’elethnín

    * Became cursed with nightmares of the dead rising out of sepulchers on his first voyage to Eethrum. These persisted until the death of Ebrima Jawara. * Goblin Title: The Darkness * Arium Confession: Cursed an entire human village in his youth, "That …

  • Amroth Súrion

    * His home, Tree Hollow, was burnt down with most of his family still inside of it. He found a [[Ring of Brotherhood (Amroth's) | special ring]] (revealed by the minotaur Greyhair librarian in Minth to be a Ring of Brotherhood with a minnish stone set in …

  • Xav

    * Attempted to murder [[:rowen_hallinan | Rowen]] in [[Minth | Minth]] after the destruction of undead heart in its maze, but was instead killed by her. * Was a guard in Rowen's father's house.

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