Salm is the seat of the Council of Four in the minotaur nation. Located at the source of the Long Water, the city is built directly into the craggy mountains from which the pure Long Water flows. There are stairs and lifts to ascend and descend between the many different levels. The base of the city is where most of the everyday dealings occur. The entrance to the Salm Maze is located directly in the center of this area.

The surrounding area has some of the most profitable mines in all of Eethrum. Because of this, the city itself is primarily home to miners and artisans specializing in working with gems and metals. There is also a large trade district that deals in the shipment of both the raw and crafted materials that flow out of Salm.

Salm is also home to the Hippogriffery, where Hippogriffs are bred and trained by their warrior riders.

It is rumored that the Salm Maze has moving walls. Only the greatest Minotaur heroes are interred within.



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